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CT1 trainee survey

Recruitment into Psychiatry has always been a challenge and there are lots of misconceptions that people can have which might put them off. We are glad that you have made the decision to train in Psychiatry and the Psychiatric Trainees Committee welcomes you and hopes to be able to support you to have a long and fulfilling career. We want to be able to encourage other doctors to join us in Choosing Psychiatry and this is where we need your help!

We would be really grateful if you could spare a few minutes completing this survey to help us understand the factors which may have given you reservations about joining the specialty and those which helped you to decide that Psychiatry was for you! We want to look at your experiences both before and after qualification and see if there are any areas that the College can focus on to help draw doctors like yourselves to train in psychiatry.

Having more doctors training to be psychiatrists can significantly improve patient care and the experience of doctors already working within the specialty. We hope that you would be able to spare some time for this cause and complete the survey.

Posted by Genevieve Grainger on 3rd April 2018


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Latest News

  • Maintenance Release 2.1.1

    Posted by Simon at 08:29 on 13 Mar 2018


    • allow programme admins to edit user/portfolio details
    • allow trainees to view submitted ARCP docs
    • school card to deanery/hos dashboard
    • allow temporary upload of exams data
    • import files for suspend/activate/update membership numbers
    • implement read only policy on suspended accounts
    • pdf headers display on every page
    • zendesk SSO


    • allow MSF level to be changed after round has started, provided no assessors have responded
    • L1 report framework selection based on current folder mappings
    • moved rcpsych number and candidate number to portfolio details
    • removed ‘entry accepted field’ from exams as no longer used
    • removed warning on rcpsych exam results page
    • moved warnings for current folder/post higher up page
    • change portfolio suspension message if not current user
    • prevent editing of GMC/RCPsych/Candidate number once set for improved security
    • improved pdf generation
    • switch to zendesk support
    • smarter default framework guessing when editing competency mappings


    • error when attempting to update folder details
    • handle errors in newsfeed fetching code gracefully
    • sort review dates on dashboard correctly
    • issue where searching within a school would return results for all schools
    • permissions issue when trying to edit a completed mini-pat activity
    • issue where reviewers would sometimes show up more than once when assigning them to a panel date
    • error when search results contained aggregations referencing objects that have been deleted (eg programme, school)
    • issue causing an error when viewing user profile page
    • issue causing candidate number to display as “not specified” on rcpsych exam results screen
    • issue where long titles would render badly on pdf
    • issue preventing native browser spellcheck from working
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